Gambling or Investing: What Suits Your Personality?


Often people equalize stock market investing with the activity of gambling. They compare Casinos in Las Vegas with 11 Wall Street in New York and underline the high risk factors of both endeavors. 
Gamblers as well as investment brokers have lost millions of dollars within seconds in the past. Still the question maintains: Is it more valuable to test your luck in the casino or at the stock market?

Unpredictable Losses are bound to Occur in Gambling

In fact, gambling and stock investing might show many similarities, but isn’t it one step too far to put them on the same level? The outcomes of gambling such as Black Jack or Roulette are not predictable. Regardless of the strategies gamblers might have, wining or losing are left to fortune at the end
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Flash Losses are common in Stocks

The same counts for stock investments as it is never 100% sure what the outcome might be as long unpredictable things might happen. And unpredictable things have happened in the past. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the very recent financial and economic crisis are just two examples that drastically hit the stock exchange and changed the rules of the game immediately. Investors had to face irreparable losses sometimes within minutes.

Risk Chases Quick Profit Avenues

Indeed, risk is involved in both ways that aim at multiplying ones capital in an ideally short period. But the investment broker seems to be left with more options than the gambler. Investments on the stock markets can be well informed. Experts in the financial sectors can observe financial flows and access statistics that document even the tiniest tendencies that might cause change. As long as the stock market investor keeps tracks on global developments in politics and economy, the risk he faces can be kept at bay. Gamblers, on the other hand, choose by intuition and gambling does not bear a hidden success strategy.

Another advantage of the stock market is the possibility of long-term investments. Even if the patient investor seems to lose contemporarily, his stocks might recover in the long run and leave him with a gain over time. In a casino, however, the money is gone as soon as the dealer ends the game. Attempts to regain lost amounts by investing even more money are mostly doomed to fail. Furthermore, gambling is highly addictive as the players always hope to win in the next round. Thus it is hard to keep track on how much you are investing.

On the base of well-informed choice making and a patient, deliberate strategy, the stock market investor can succeed to increase risks to a minimum. Although a gambler, after having been fortunate one, might take the money, gambling addictions have shown that the risk stays to be uncontrollable. In conclusion, the stock investor as well as the gambler should be aware of the possibility to loose and the necessity to back off early enough.

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