Casino Camouflage

All of us in our lives pretend to be someone else or pretend to be in a totally different situation from the circumstance existing at that time. But I would be surprised to learn that this should not be taken forever, as this may sometimes be the only key that can help us achieve our established goals or recognize some type of information that may be of great importance to us. The same is true with the casino game as well. Sometimes pretense or disguise can help you win. Although the casino is simply not a game that can be won, still pretense or camouflage can help us do wonders here. Let’s see how?

What is camouflage in the casino? Camouflage refers to merging into someone’s environment in order to prevent them from being noticed or observed. The same applies to the casino as well. Here, the professionals also pretend to be laymen and have just started to avoid any suspicion about them by the wellhead. He behaves in such a way as if he were not an expert in this and just started the game.

Why pretend in the casino? Well, that is a billion dollar question. Pretending at the casino is extremely important because it helps to avoid any suspicion on the part of the wellhead. This should be followed especially in the game of blackjack when you are involved in card counting sports betting sites. Pretending to be a novice in the game would help to make the pit boss think that, as someone is new to the game, he cannot therefore enter a specialized process, such as card counting.

How can anyone pretend without being caught? There are ways in which you can adopt a claim to win without getting caught by the pit boss. They are mentioned as follows:

1. Become skilled at betting progression: There is one thing that players must be very specific about in the casino and that the casino game disregards card counting. But another thing that most interests the casino is the progression. One must learn how to place carefully placed bets to appear as a betting progression. He must increase the number of bets when he starts to win, even if the number is very bad, and reduce them when he starts to lose, regardless of whether the number is too high.

2. Act as if you are drunk: this requires a sense of control in case you are drinking, since being warned and staying focused on the game is the basic requirement of the game. If you act like you are too drunk, there is no chance that the pit boss will suspect that you are counting the cards, especially in the game of blackjack.

3. Imitate the defective way of playing others: you should always try to imitate the defective method of playing others, which you seem to be losing. Even if you are counting the cards that the wellhead would think, that person is missing, then there is no question of counting cards here.

4. Act as if you don’t know anything: You need to try to leave an impression in the minds of other players that he is simply a layman and does not know anything. He can start this by simply asking silly questions or suggesting ideas to other players who are defective. This would prevent other players from thinking that he is involved in something like card counting.

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