The Truth About Marijuana Use and Driving


Marijuana driving and use is an issue that has sadly had minor exposure in the press. Annually millions of dollars have been placed in countless ad efforts seeking to beat driving while under the effect of liquor. The quick efficacy of these ads is funny, but one thing that’s very clear is the fact that there is little to nothing being

in regards to this matter of driving under the effect of bud.

The prevalence of marijuana both in the usa and throughout the planet has led to a marked rise in the range of severe motor vehicle collisions and fatalities caused by marijuana use and driving. One thing that’s particularly alarming about marijuana usage is that the tight correlation among your drug and driving deaths how to use cbd oil in vape pen.

There certainly are a number of things that are especially bemused about the issue of marijuana use as well as forcing. A number of those very sobering details include:

* Individuals who drive after using marijuana are not quite two times as prone to participate in a fatal vehicle accident.

* Marijuana directly impacts the central nervous process along with reactions that are vital for safe driving.

* Since the percent of individuals using marijuana recreationally rises, so do the range of fatalities on the road.

The Effects

Marijuana impacts the central nervous system in many different means. Unwanted effects of marijuana use include:

* Memory loss

* Distorted perception–such as with landscapes, sounds, touch and time

* Loss of communicating

* Severe paranoia

* Slowed functioning

* Problems believing and problem solving

Contemplating the aforementioned side effects, it is not surprising that marijuana usage while driving could be exceedingly deadly.

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