Are You Looking For Current Turmeric Curcumin Information?


If you’re looking for turmeric curcumin information, you’ve come to the right place. It’s good that you are trying to get some of the facts, before you buy a supplement. The quality of the supplements currently on the market varies greatly.

In the spice plant turmeric, curcumin has been identified as the medicinally active component. Curcumins are antioxidants that have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-amyloid activity. They are active against certain types of bacteria and viral strains, in the test tube. It seems that it may inhibit the replication of viruses and other pathogens.

As far as medicinal plants go, olive leaf has more anti-pathogen activity, but does not have the anti-cancer activity found in curcumins. So, only a little research concerning olive leaf has been done. But there is a growing mountain of research concerning curcumins Green curmin.

Currently, the antioxidants are being evaluated for their benefits in treating Alzheimer’s, psoriasis and various types of cancer. The better health supplements on the market contain an extract that is 98% curcumins. Some of the powders on the market provide very little. Many of the cheaper ones do not even list the amount that is present. It would probably make more sense to buy the spice and use it for cooking, rather than to buy a supplement that is of low concentration or low in quality for other reasons.

Much of the turmeric curcumin information has come from laboratory or animal studies. Some of the early studies in human volunteers had to do with just how much of the compound actually makes it to the bloodstream unchanged. Researchers found that a disappointing low amount actually made it to the bloodstream.

For helping to prevent colon cancer or relieving stomach problems, it might not be necessary for it to leave the gastrointestinal tract. But, in order to be beneficial for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, protecting the liver or helping to prevent some types of cancer, it is imperative that it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The single-ingredient powders on the market will not be absorbed. Adding piperine (an anti-inflammatory in black pepper) enhances absorption, but the antioxidant must still be protected from gastric acid. It is quickly degraded as it passes through the stomach. An enteric coating can protect it long enough to allow it to enter the upper intestine, where the acid content is lower.

Other curcumin-like substances are found in the ginger plant and green tea leaves. But, only the turmeric curcumin is currently being studied, seriously.

The better supplement companies have started including a variety of curcumin-like substances in their formulas, because of the antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory activity. Research has shown that chronic inflammation is just as dangerous to our long-term health as oxidation by free radicals. Antioxidants are effective against free radical damage, but the basic ones like vitamin C and E do not have anti-inflammatory activity.

Compounds found in green tea, ginger, piperine, the turmeric curcumin, resveratrol from grapes and many others do. These natural anti-inflammatories may be the keys to living longer healthier lives. Visit my website today to learn about a multi-nutritional supplement I’ve discovered that I’d like to share with you.

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