How to Play Ace-King in Poker


There are lots of titles for AceKing. By Big Slick, to Anna Kournakova, to some favourite”walking back to Houston.” I learned this saying from reading T.J. Cloutier’s poker publication many years back. If I remember properly, he wrote that in his day that the greatest no limit cash games were at Texas. The poker players from Houston would happen to be those games and so they had just one significant weakness. They thought a k was the nuts.

T.J. added that the only days they had become called with a k were when they were beat. Hence, the a k captured the name”walking back into Houston.” (Let me know if I got dominoqq this story wrong. It’s been awhile.)

How To Play Ace-King without Limit Tournaments

I have seen players who like to become all in with a k no matter what, and also different players who just telephone, never needing to risk their chips.

I have to admit that I have misplayed this hand a lot of. . .times.

After seeing gamers on TV lose almost all of their processors with A-K, ” I turned into a caller with it. However, after seeing lots of Pros collect chips fast with ak, I switched to always raising pre-flop and trying to acquire allin Preflop.

After much pain and suffering, I Have Arrived at the following conclusion that there are some general principles How to properly play a K:

1. You wish to improve with A-K pre-flop. 2. You don’t want to find all your chips in pre-flop with a k. 3. If you hit your hands on the flop and get yourself a caller, then keep the pot small by assessing the turn. You never want to lose to a player who called the raise with a worst kicker.

Why is this the ideal approach for playing with Ace King?

1. You need to get rid of the amount of competitions, and , simply secure the blinds with no fight. 2. In the event you proceed all in with A-K and get known, you’re most likely supporting. Your opponent will have a set up and be favored. And, of course, there are such times he finds pocket Kings or Aces. Doh! 3. Keeping the pot small will minimize your chip loss with a hand that is merely one pair. You don’t want to really go bankrupt following the flop with only 1 pair. Do not get it done.

What are the ideal situations to drive AceKing?

There are a few exceptions to my own rules:

Inch. If your processor stack is 9 times or not the big blind, then compelling with a k is the ideal play. 2. In the event you need to collect a lot more processors to win the big event, pushing with ak is the ideal play. As an example, if you have 1-2 times the huge blind, a player increases pre-flop in front of you, as well as your only real hope of winning the event is receding today. 3. If you’ve got a tell in your own competitor he is feeble, pushing with ak is the ideal play.


A lot of players move all in with AceKing without thinking about the situation. It’s a hand that you want to acquire pre flop with a raise, a hand where you want to keep the pot small in the event that you receive resistance to the flop, and a hands at which merely in the appropriate situations will you push give yourself a shot at winning.

So why am I writing this post tonight? I just knocked myself out of a championship by overplaying my hand with ak. I just ran into two opponents pre-flop. One’d K-K and the other A-A!! Oh, because it is internet poker, the case King struck the plank…

“I feel the pain,” to steal a expression.

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